What To Do When Bored.

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by Bill Borden
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Are you looking for something to do? What to do today? We have thousands of ideas on what you can do that are both fun and educational. Activities for adults, couples, singles, kids, seniors, ... there is much to do. Ask yourself, why am I bored? It could be that you just need so different ideas. Once you're done with this list, you'll go from saying, 'I am so bored.' to 'Things to do? Fun things. To do when bored. I'm having a great time!'

The first step is to take a look at these ideas on things to do when you're bored. Then ask, 'I'm bored. What do I want to do?' There are so many things to do online such as fun games, but sometimes it's much more fun to do things with friends, kids, other couples, or singles. The internet isolates us and it's easy to be bored because we miss conversation and fun things to do with important people we care about.

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Microscopy - Visit An Unseen World!

  • Analyze your own blood
  • 40 million Americans have parasites in their body. Watch live bacteria with a darkfield microscope.
  • Microscopy is an inexpensive hobby that can keep you entertained for years

The good news about microscopy is that microscopes have come down in price. It used to be that good quality scopes cost $5000 and more. Now you can by a quality, high powered microscope for under $500. Most are warrantied for 5 years and are built to last. Amscope and Omax are good quality inexpenxive brands that cost far less than name brand microscopes.

Here is the microscope we own. (AmScope 40x-2000x with Darkfield option. Darkfield is the cheapest way to see living organisms.)

  • AmScope 40X-2000X - Excellent for viewing dead blood, bacteria, parasites, cells, etc
  • AmScope 40X-2000X Darkfield - Excellent for viewing live blood, living bacteria, living parasites, sperm, and all living cells

We also bought is a camera so we can see large images on our computer screen. We are very happy with our Celestron Digital Microscope Imager

Our family is always using the microscope. It keeps everyone entertained especially when you can clearly see living organisms. That's why we're glad we bought a scope with the darkfield option. It was only $50 more.

Things To Do.

Fun Games.

  • Playstation
  • Board games
  • Internet games
  • Sports
  • Cards

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