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The Ten Most Wanted Singles Clubs In Phoenix, Arizona and Many of Them Are FREE.

Are you wondering which singles clubs are the most fun in the Phoenix area? We picked 10 groups that are very popular. There are many more that you might enjoy as well and probably a few that we don't know about. Send us an email if you'd like us to add your group to our list. The following 10 groups are not listed in any particular order. They're all good. Will you like these groups? That depends on you. If you're interested in meeting new singles, this is a good start.


Some groups have hundreds of members. And many groups are absolutely free to join! This gives you a much better opportunity to meet 'real' people fast, compared to internet dating where you can't see who you're dealing with right away.

The Phoenix Singles Adventure & Exploration Meetup Group.

This is one of the largest singles meetups on the web. Lots of activites, variety, dances, happy hours, hikes, sports, parties, outings, ... They've attracted over 1400 singles since Sept 2006! . The average age range is 30 - 50, but there are exceptions. And best of all, it's FREE to join!!! Sign up now!

Society for the Arts.

Founded in May of 1986, the Society for the Arts (SFA) provides a focal point for the single professional interested in supporting the arts community. Learn more about this dynamic singles group. (Calculated Couples Singles Dances).

This is not a singles 'group' in the traditional sense, however they do host a singles dance, - usually every weekend. Meet hundreds of new singles and have fun at the same time. Calculated Couples Singles Dances work! Their website contains several testimonials from happy couples who met at a dance! View the singles dance schedule.

Unity of Phoenix Singles.

Unity of Phoenix Church Singles, 1500 East Greenway Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85022. You don't need to be a member of this church to join and attend events! All positive minded singles are welcome. Free to join. This is a well organized friendly group with many activities and a large membership. Expect to give and get a lot of hugs. Read more.

Ahwatukee Singles.

Ahwatukee Singles
Here's another singles group that's been around for a very long time. Why? Because they really care about people and are committed to keeping the group active. Most of the events are in the east valley. Happy hours, house parties, coffee talk, movies, game nights, ... You'll love the Ahwatukee Singles!

Singles In Gilbert.

Singles In Gilbert Meetup Group -
Here's another singles Meetup group that deserves your attention if you live in the east valley. Over 700 active, happy, and outgoing singles to hang with. Costs nothing to join and there are many events each week.

East Valley Social Club.

East Valley Social Club -
This meetup group is growing fast and for many good reasons. You'll love the organizers of this meetup group. They work hard to keep the events interesting and fun!

EVSC was started January 1st of 2008 and is open to both singles AND couples. The main goal of EVSC is to try different things and go to different places instead of the same ones again and again.

Some of the events we have either had, or plan to have, include: Happy Hours - Theatre - Movies - Putt Putt Golf - Concerts - Sporting Events - Dining Out - Explore Arizona - Hiking - Art Walks - Museums - Bowling - Game Nights - Cards - Parties - Coffee

There are no fees associated with joining or being a members of EVSC.

Nort Phoenix Singles.

North Phoenix Singles -
Unlike most singles groups, this group says that you must be over 50 years old to join. Try it free for 3 events. If you like the group, join by your 4th visit. If you're over 50 and single, that sounds like a no risk opportunity.

Nightlife Singles Meetup.

Happy hours, wine tastings, sporting events, concerts, hiking, volunteering, house parties, ... and whatever members suggest! Simple rules are bringing a positive attitude, leaving the drama at home, and remembering to smile and have a blast - Over 800 members! View pictures and all the newest singles events.

Becoming Un-Single: Finding & Attracting Your Mate.

This is really not a traditional singles 'group', but it is a group of people who are serious about finding Mr or Mrs Right. Events are usually once a month on a different topic related to becoming 'unsingle'. They have over 400 members and 40 - 80 singles usually attend each event. Membership is free! Read more about this singles Meetup.

Written by
Jeff Adams

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