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Phoenix VS Small Towns In Arizona.

If you're single in Arizona finding other singles to hang out with and date can be a challenge until you figure out how easy it is.

In a small city or town like Prescott, Yuma, Sedona, Flagstaff, ... or even smaller towns there's not as many activities for singles as there is in a big city like Phoenix or even Tucson. However people tend to be friendlier in small towns. Also you'll see the same people over and over again at the grocery store, supermarket, gas station, local bar, etc. This means that it's easier to strike up conversations with everyone. If you're friendly and love people I'm sure you do this all the time. If you're quiet and reserved, then you'll need to get out of your comfort zone and look for innocent reasons to start conversations with new people in your area.

In a big city like Phoenix, you can still smile and be friendly no matter where you go. Some people will respond, but very few will sit and talk with you for a while. Some will think you're weird if you talk with strangers. Also because the city is so big, you may not ever bump into them again to continue your conversation. That's why in big cities, the best approach for singles is to join groups and attend events depending upon your hobbies and interests. This is the most comfortable way to develop friendships over time. You will see the same people often and you will find plenty of people to date or simply hang out with.

Here are some ideas on how to meet singles in a big city. Some of the ideas will apply to small towns in Arizona or anywhere. However, like I said earlier, in a small town there's not much going on. To meet other separated, divorced, and widowed people, you'll need to join clubs, organizations, volunteer, strike up conversation while shopping, walking, etc. You'll need to go outside and meet as many people as you can. Some may be single and interested in friendship or dating. If you're outgoing this will be easy. If you're shy, changing your personality will be more difficult. But if you make the effort, you'll be surrounded by good people all the time, - whether they're in a relationship or not.

In a big city, there's so much to do and so many organizations to join. I suggest that you choose where to spend your time based upon your interests and the type of people you want to meet. Here are some suggestions to get started.

  • Charitable organizations
  • Churches (especially large churches with a singles group or small special interest groups and weekday events)
  • Community and civic organizations. Visit local government websites
  • Dancing (ballroom, salsa, swing, country, tango, line dancing, square dancing, etc.)
  • Fraternal organizations. (You'll need a sponsor but that shouldn't be hard to find.)
  • Golf and country clubs
  • Interesting events at the library
  • Interesting events downtown or at a local park
  • Meetup groups for singles
  • Meetup groups based on interests
  • New Age groups (Do a Google search for spiritualist churches, new age bookstores, psychic fairs, natural, green, or holistic events, the zip code or city you're interested in.)
  • Singles events
  • Support Groups

When you find groups and organizations you like, volunteering in small or large way is one of the very best ways to get known and start new friendships.

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