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Artist Keith Schall Paints At One Of The Many Galleries In Uptown Sedona.

Artist Keith Schall, Sedona, Arizona

Do you see anything unusual about this art? Local Sedona abstract artist, Keith Schall. Keith believes it's a contradiction for an 'abstract' artist to paint on a square or rectangular canvas, so he's come up with a practical solution.

Sculpture, Gary Mitnik Working At A Gallery In Uptown Sedona.

Gary Mitnik, Artist, Sedona, Arizona

Gary Mitnik is a down to earth, very likeable gentleman with an excellent sense of humor.

What is he doing? He's creating a mold that will eventually become a bronze statue. His work is absolutely amazing. Extremely intricate, elegant, and lifelike, his sculptures command top dollar and are in high demand.

This particular bronze sculpture will sell for $9900 and only 15 will be made.

If you love art, you'll find his website fascinating. Learn more about bronze art and view some of the exquisite pieces Gary has created over the years.

Chapel Of The Holy Cross.

Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona Arizona Chapel of the Holy Cross

Located high up on a mountain, the Chapel is 'must see' attraction for everyone who wants to experience spirituality on an entirely different level. You can drive up most of the way and park. Drivers with golf carts take visitors the rest of they way up to the base of the Chapel. It is a spiritual experience you will not want to miss.

If you have the time, you can literally spend hours here meditating and communing with your 'God', whatever that means to you. If you are open to receive, you will feel the energy and love of the divine being as you give thanks and reflect upon your love for the Creator of all things.

Experience The Natural Wonders Of Sedona

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Picture of Sedon Arizona

Classical Guitarist Performs At Sinaqua Plaza.

Sedona Arizona, Classical Guitar Performance

Sinaqua Plaza, Sedona, Arizona

Entertainment In The Courtyard Of The Sinagua Plaza.

Large Sculptures In The Courtyard Of The Sinagua Plaza, Sedona, Arizona

Entertainment  In The Courtyard Of The Sinagua Plaza, Sedona, Arizona

Monthly Art Show In Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona Art Show.

In the above picture the owner of DannyBoy Enterprises displays quality cowhide rugs at the art show. He also manufactures hand made furniture.

Sedona Arizona Monthly Art Show.]

Art, Jewelry, leather goods, clothing, hats, souveniers, gemstones, ...


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