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by Bill Borden
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People love pets and Arizona is no exception. No matter what breed of cat, dog, horse, bird, snake, or other exotic animal, you're likely to find a breeder in Arizona.

Dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets. However there are bird clubs, horse clubs, and groups that meet on a regular basis to talk about their exotic pets. If you like the support of other pet owners, the Greater Phoenix area is the best place to live. Tucson is the second biggest city and is likely to have some pet clubs and associations.

If you're interested in a particular breed of cat, dog, bird, horse, or other animal, do an internet search. Also check out for groups in your city. Another source of information will be veterinarians and humane societies located throughout Arizona.

Horses are common pets for the middle class and wealthy. The climate and rugged wide open terrain of Arizona, lends itself nicely to horse ranching and riding.

If you live in an apartment, some will allow dogs and cats with a security deposit but some won't. Even if pets are not allowed, some will not object to a quiet bird, gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, or other small animal that is kept caged at all times. You might also ask if fish tanks are allowed.

If you're into fresh water or salt water fish, Phoenix has many pet stores that sell them. Some of the bigger pet store chains have a little of everything, but smaller stores often specialize in fish only. In this way they can better compete with large pet stores. e.g. people from all over Arizona and even nearby states, might travel into Phoenix to shop at a large salt water fish store because these are not common.

If you're looking for a cat or dog, consider adopting a pet. Call nearby humane societies or call large pet stores. These will sometimes have special hours when local pet rescue groups will bring their animals in for display.

If you're looking for a bird or exotic pet, look for bird breeders. Most of them belong to local bird clubs so that's another source of information.

No matter what type of pet you're looking for, if you want a baby, get to know local breeders and buy from a reliable source. Vet bills can cost you a fortune, - much more than the initial cost of your pet. Sometimes it's more economical to find a reputable breeder and pay them a little more if you have to. If someone is selling a pet for cheap it might be that the vet bills will eat you alive.


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