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by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

Most of Arizona is rural and small towns. The big musical events and concerts are usually held in Phoenix or Tucson. Since the greater Phoenix area is the most populated region of Arizona, you'll have many events to choose from every day.

The best way to know what's going on is to search online and pick up local rags such as the New Times magazine that can be found at libraries, public places, grocery stores, and even on street corners.

Also start making a list of establishments that bring in entertainment based on your musical preferences. These businesses will advertise their event calendar online. They also may have a mailing list you can subscribe to. On this website I've made lists of the most popular nightclubs and bars. These lists will get you started. Another resource for information about Arizona is my Arizona Blog

Whatever music you love to listen to, you'll find it in Phoenix especially. In other areas of Arizona, you may be limited to DJ's or your private music collection. But in Phoenix, you can go out and listen to live music, concerts, the Symphony, and whatever you like.

Of course since, it's expensive to bring top name musicians into town, it's very common for some popular clubs and bars to play digital music instead of live music. If you're going to listen to live music plan on paying a cover charge although on quiet nights, admission might be free.

In addition to making a list of nightcllubs and bars that have the music you like, you can also follow local bands, who may have a website, facebook, and an online calendar of the events they're booked for.

If you like free concerts, go to all the local government websites. Every city will have their own site and a calendar of events. When the weather is good, there may be free events hosted at city parks.

Another place to find good entertainment is the casinos in Arizona

When I'm in the mood to listen to live music, I go online and do a search. I visit my favorite nightclubs online and take a look at their calendar of events. If you're new to Phoenix, or wherever you are in Arizona, you can do a Google search or pick up the free local newspapers. Between that and online research you'll know what bands, singers, and musicians will be playing near you. If you live in a rural Arizona, you may want to travel to Phoenix, take in a concert, visit friends, and do some shopping at the same time. There's lots to do in Arizona, but most of it is in Phoenix!


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