Are You A Trailblazer, Lover, or Diehard?

by Maria Swan

This quiz is about you and what you’ll do for love. Please, take a seat, grab a pen and take a stroll down the magical Avenue of “what if.” .

1. You received the invitation to your high school reunion in the mail.  You:


  1. A.     Research the best spas, beauty salons, personal trainers, and plastic surgeons in your city.
  2. B.     Start to fantasize about dating and/or marrying the Prom King.
  3. C.     Dig out your yearbook from the storage bin and look up your old sweetheart—even though he broke your heart the night before you left for college.

2. You no longer live in the same state where you went to high school so you think to yourself:

  1. A.     Should I reserve a room with a king-size bed in case I get lucky?
  2. B.     I’ll stay at the local Bed & Breakfast where they’ll have a cozy room with a twin-size bed?  I am a Rules Girl after all.
  3. C.     I need to find out where my ex is staying…he might be single too.

3. As the reunion day approaches, you ask yourself:

  1. A.     Should I splurge on that dazzling necklace I saw in the window last week?  Nothing like a little sparkle to draw that extra attention.
  2. B.     Will the DJ play “Where Do I Begin” from Love Story, my all-time favorite movie?
  3. C.     Should I bring my high school photo to my hairdresser?  I still love those middle parts.

4. You’ve paid the fees and are committed to going, now you say to yourself:

  1. A.     Should I contact an escort service to find a date that will make the others girls green with envy?
  2. B.     Maybe someone will spot me from across the room and realize that he’s had a crush on me since 9th grade!
  3. C.     I wonder if that gym teacher—the dreamy one who looked like David Cassidy—is still hot?

5. You go shopping to find the perfect outfit for the formal dinner.  You:

  1. A.     Buy the lowest cut gown you can find.  Hey, your girls are still your best assets.
  2. B.     Find a dress that reminds you of Jaclyn Smith.   
  3. C.     Try on a bright pink dress with ruffles—no one’s ever been able to take their eyes off of you when you’re wearing ruffles.

6. One week to go and counting.  You think:

  1. A.     I’ll buy some fake eyelashes—they look so good on Eva Longoria.
  2. B.     Seven days ‘til the big date!
  3. C.     What company should I be CEO of this time around?  Someone has to be the next Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina.

7. The big day is here. You sign in and get your nametag while musing:

  1. A.     Everybody is looking at me.  I wonder if they can tell I just had breast augmentation surgery?
  2. B.     I wonder if that cute geek from my high school science class is here?
  3. C.     Tonight’s the night I finally make my play for the one that got away.

8. As you enter the reunion, you:

  1. A.     Smile seductively at the handsome gentleman who is gazing in your direction.
  2. B.     Scan the crowd looking for eligible single men.
  3. C.     Head straight to the bar for fortification.  After all, a little buzz will give you all the confidence you need to approach your ex.

9. During the night you:

  1. A.     Actively flirt with everyone in your graduating class—male and female alike.
  2. B.     Look for a partner every time a slow song comes on so he can hold you tight as you imagine your future together.
  3. C.     Dance the night away directly underneath the silver disco ball (just like the days), trying to prove to everyone that you’ve still got the moves.

10. The party is over, time to say goodbye, you:

  1. A.     Think, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so tipsy and sung “Memories” to the former captain of the football team.  It was a bit embarrassing to be ushered away by his wife.
  2. B.     Feel like you’re floating.  That cute geek from senior science is now a dot com magnate, and he remembered me.  And we exchanged phone numbers.
  3. C.     Think, I finally got to have that hot night with my ex I always dreamed of, but why didn’t he ask for my phone number?

Add up your quiz score:

            Every A answer is 3 points

            Every B answer is 2 points

            Every C answer is 1 point

If you received between 23 and 30 points, you are a Trailblazer.  You aren’t afraid to try anything, especially when it comes to love.  You live by two words: carpe diem.  You are one of the women who creates the trends others later read about in all the dating books.  You keep an open mind—and often a good sense of humor—about life’s experiences and you understand that seeming disasters can lead to new and fun discoveries.

If you received between 16 and 22 points, you are a Lover.  As a lover, you will hold out for happily-ever-after no matter what.  You may have an idealized notion of romance, but you are singular in your passion.  You give with every essence of your being and though you risk more than anyone, when you are find that special someone, you will also have the most to gain.

If you received between 10 and 15 points, you are a Diehard.  Your perseverance is admirable.  Your life’s philosophy is “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  Sometimes that works, and sometimes you get stuck in a cycle you just can’t seem to break. But your dedication and ability to pick yourself up and dust off after difficulty is something everyone can learn from.

From  Boomer Babes-True Tales of Love and Lust in The Later Years-
By Award Winning Autor Maria Grazia Swan
Dorchester Publishing. (invalid link removed)
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