How To Find A Good Job In Arizona.

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by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

Finding a good job anywhere these days is tough. It's not like it was 30 years ago. It's not uncommon for people with university degrees to be working in retail or customer service for less than $15 per hour. I personally know people with a good education and years of experience who deliver pizza's.

There is a demand in health care and high tech or engineering but even in these areas there's lots of competition. For every job advertised a company may receive hundreds of applications. Most resumes submitted online are not read by real people. Instead, a computer analyses applications based on keywords and submits the 'best' candidates to the HR department.

However just like years ago one thing remains the same. It's not what you know. It's who you know. That's why people in Phoenix who eventually find good jobs are not always computer experts. They are networkers. They are social butterflies who are outgoing, friendly, and love attending events where they're likely to bump into well connected people.

If meeting strangers and making new friends comes easy, then finding a job may be much easier for you.

Another factor is age. :Legally companies can't discriminate but in the real world they do. Even though companies say age doesn't make a difference, it really does. Some companies hire older workers, but many are not comfortable with it. Why? Perhaps everyone in the company is much younger than you. Your boss may not be comfortable hiring someone who's their parents age or older. The other factor is money. Usually they can hire a younger worker for less money.

Here's a good example of what happens to older experienced workers. I met a very good sales person at a department store. He looked over qualified for the job. I asked a lot of friendly questions. I found out he got 'laid off' from his previous job as a sales rep. He was with his former company for 18 years with an excellent salary and benefits. He looked two years for another job similar to the one he had before but found nothing. After unemployment insurance ran out, he tapped into savings, and retirement. Eventually he took the job at the department store at one quarter the salary he previously made. He was desperate and even with his sales skills better jobs were not available. Now here's the interesting part. During our conversation, he mentioned that his former employer hired someone else to take his place. Of course my question was why didn't they rehire him? The answer is that two years ago, the company eliminated his job. Then they created a new job that was virtually the same but slightly different and hired someone else for far less money.

Paying people less and making them do more, is what this country has become. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is disappearing. In the Phoenix area, there are far more people looking for jobs than there are openings. Many have given up. You'll see them on the street corners begging and living off of welfare. The easiest jobs to find are minimum wage but even with experience you might have a difficult time especially if you're quiet and doing all your job searches online.

Next to that there's the health care industry and high tech. These jobs pay a decent salary but there's lots of competition as well. Younger workers fresh out of college are preferred but not everyone who graduates is guaranteed a good job.

Of course other jobs are available in construction, trades, government, etc. but each area of specialization has it's challenges. In construction and trades, there are lean periods and boom periods depending upon real estate market conditions and the economy. In the government sector we're seeing lay offs and cost cutting. New jobs are often filled internally even though government jobs are advertised online.


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