How To Find A Job In A Competitive Marketplace.

by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

Large companies receive hundreds and even thousands of applications for the same job. They don't even read the resumes. Computer software scans applications looking for keywords. Then the 'best' applications are submitted automatically to the HR department.

Competition is not something you want to think about when you're looking for a job but it's a big factor, but it's a fact of life. It can be discouraging to work so hard to find a job and come up empty handed time every time. When jobs get posted online or advertised, there's a lot of competition. Even if everyone is qualified, an employer can only pick one person for each job opening. This means hundreds of applicants get rejected!

Searching for a job is tough. No one has been taught creative ways to find employment. We are all taught to 'apply' for jobs. So we read the help wanted ads, or post our resumes all over the internet thinking that's the best and fastest way to find a job. WRONG!

Think about it. Hundreds of qualified people applying for the same jobs. What are your chances of being offered a job?

A Better Way To Find Good Job.

Of course we have to 'apply' for jobs like everyone else. We need to have a nice resume, skills, experience, references, personality and all the things other job seekers need to be successful. However it pays to ask yourself this question over and over again, 'Do I need to compete with hundreds of appplicants for the same job? Or are there other more effective ways to find the job I'm looking for?'

Perhaps you're searching for employment that requires you to compete with thousands of applicants. Some job markets are like that. There is a limited number of jobs. Few places to work. And lots of competition. If this is the case and there is nothing you can do about it, you might want to skip the rest of this article, but for most people there are things you can do that hardly anyone else is doing.

Job Searching Outside Of The Box.

What about searching for unadvertised jobs? How do you find them? By business networking, asking people you know, and cold calling. Walk into businesses you'd like to work for and ask. Hardly anyone does this. Everyone else is on Monster.Com competing with thousands of job seekers. Why not try something different?

What about this? What if you're looking for an entry level job? Why not look for businesses who have large 'We're Hiring' signs on the outside of their building. Even if there's no sign, you could always walk into a business and ask if they're hiring. It only takes a few seconds. Maybe they are hiring or will need someone soon, but they haven't advertised the job yet.

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