How To Find A Job By Networking.

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by Bill Borden
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Networking is by far the best way for most people to find a goog job and very few are doing it. By networking, you can go to the front of the line. Instead of sitting in waiting rooms filled with job seekers. You can access companies through the back door instead of the front door where there's a lot of competition.

With networking it's a matter of being at the right place at the right time. You may discover career opportunities before they are advertised! In fact you could be the only applicant! Imagine that. Miracles can happen when you use networking to your advantage.

Networking is especially important today because of automation. Companies receive hundreds and thousands of job applications for each job opening. Many of them never read all the resumes they receive. Computer scan applications looking for keywords. Then the 'best' resumes passed on to the HR department. This method is far from perfecct because people with excellent writing skills and the best keywords come to the top of the list and those who are more qualified might not be noticed at all!

Find A Good Job Through Friends And Family.

The simplistic approach is just to call everyone you know and tell them you're looking for a job. Do they know anyone that can help? Can they help you get a job where they work? Will they keep their eyes open for you? ... This is a good tactic because most people generally like to be helpful especially if they like you. If your friends and relatives don't know you're looking for a job, they can't help you.

Find A Good Job Through Business Networking.

In a big city like the Phoenix metro area or any large city there are plenty of opportunities to meet influential people who can help you find a job or even offer you a good position.

Where do you find these networking events? Use the internet. Search for 'networking in Phoenix' or 'networking in Chicago' etc. ... Next visit the city government websites of every community in your area. Look for networking events, special events, job fairs, social events, ...' Next visit the Chamber of Commerce websites. In a big city like Phoenix, you will find many Chambers of Commerce organizations. Each will be a little different. Some have free events open to public. Others required a membership. Ribbon cutting events are great opportunities as well. You can also try meetup groups. Search for 'networking' in your city. Another option is local newspapers and magazines. What about professional associations related to your field of work. For best results, offer to volunteer even on a small scale. You will be more visible and appreciated if you offer to help rather than just attend events.

Networking At Social Events and Fraternal Organizations.

Depending upon the kind of job you're looking for, some social events may be an opportunity to meet new friends who may be able to help you find a job. Also if you belong to a fraternal organization, you may know people who can help.

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