Ceragem Massage Beds For Sale.

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by Bill Borden
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Tips On Buying a Ceragem Bed.

Many used Ceragem beds are available around $1000 +-. They originally cost $2500 to $3500 new. You just need to have patience.

In some large cities such as Phoenix Arizona, distributors sold Ceragem beds from commercial locations. They gave away free 40 minute massages to everyone once a day. During each forty minute session, distributors would explain the many benefits and features of the beds.

Several years ago in the Phoenix area, the distributor that had two locations closed their doors but they sold lots of units during the 5 or so years they were open. This means there are lots of beds on the market.

Why are people selling their Ceragem beds if they're so good?

Many bed owners have passed away. They originally bought their beds in hopes of dealing with very serious health conditions. Most it seems were elderly. Their families have inherited the beds and don't use them. They do take up a lot of space so there's an incentive to sell them for a reasonable price.

Other people bought beds because they were so relaxing. I personally found the beds better for a sore back than going to a Chriopractor. I could hear my spine cracking and going back into alignment. Of course that's my experience and the relief I felt may not apply to you. During the time that I owned my bed I threw out my back three or four times. I'd use the bed for a couple weeks and then it would just be an eye sore. Eventually when I moved into another house I sold it for $1200. It was in like new condition.

Where To Find Parts For A Ceragem Bed.

Luckily hardly anything goes wrong with the bed unless perhaps you got a lemon. I had mine for about six years and not one thing went wrong with it. Not even a light bulb burned out. However it may be difficult to get parts locally unless your city has a Ceragem distributor.

I would do an internet search for Ceragem, Ceragem parts, Ceragem service, ...

Where To Buy A Ceragem Bed.

Personally I put my bed on Craigslist and it was snapped up right away. You might want to look there. You can also post a wanted ad. Another option might be newspapers, fitness clubs, health centers, and communities were people are over 55. Ask around. Someone might know of someone who is no longer using their bed and would like the money.

You can also do an internet search such as Ceragem, Ceragem beds for sale, Ceragem bed for sale Phoenix (or your city), ... etc.


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