Fifty Free Or Inexpensive Fun Things To Do.

Welcome To Arizona's Information Center

by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

  1. Hang out at your local casino. Many offer free entertainment and there's no need to gamble unless you want to

  2. Go for a daytrip. For more ideas visit our tourist attractions page

  3. Take your children or grandchildren to the playground. Visit our kids section for more ideas

  4. Take your kids or grandchildren to a McDonalds play area

  5. Bicycling. Join a local bicycle club or go out on your own

  6. Camping

  7. Swimming

  8. Play horseshoes or croquet

  9. Call your friends and meet to play board games or cards

  10. Call your friends and have a patio or pool party

  11. Go to the library

  12. Hang out at new and used book stores

  13. Stroll around the mall and do some window shopping

  14. Go for a walk

  15. Join a local hiking group

  16. If you just bought a new car, you can invite your friends for a ride

  17. Take a drive to a nearby scenic park or lookout

  18. Go fishing

  19. Visit a museum

  20. Go out for ice cream

  21. Go to a nearby dollar theatre. Most now cost more than a dollar but they're cheaper than most theatres

  22. Take your dog for a walk

  23. Go for a picnic

  24. Play tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball or other sports at a nearby park

  25. Surf the internet

  26. Get together with friends for happy hour

  27. Learn how to dance. Yes dancing can be a very cheap night out when you take group lessons. Tip: Group lessons can be inexpensive and even more fun than private lessons because you get to meet more people. Also if you're single taking group dance lessons affords you an opportunity to meet other singles interested in dancing. Usually no partner is required because in a group setting dancers take turns dancing with each other

  28. Volunteer to work at your favorite charity

  29. Meet friends for conversation at you local coffee shop. Call up people you haven't seen for a long time and get re-connected

  30. Put a bird feeder in your back yard and enjoy watching the birds

  31. Get in shape. Join a fitness or community center

  32. Go to pet stores and visit with the animals

  33. Adopt a pet and enjoy doing things together

  34. Learn about astronomy and watch the stars.

  35. Visit a hobby shop and consider a new hobby

  36. Join a social club or a special interest group. Many are very inexpensive. It's a great way to make new friends. e.g. if you have a pet bird you can join your local bird club. If you love gardening, you can join a gardening club or meetup group, etc. If you live in Phoenix consider joining the Arizona Desert Botanical Gardens

  37. Join a meetup group. Thousands to choose from depending on what you're interested in

  38. Listen to live music at a local bar or nightclub

  39. Go dancing. If you live in a large city, there may be nightclubs and dance studios that offer free lessons and/or dancing. In Phoenix prices range from free, $5 - $10, and up

  40. Take the bus or light rail. If you drive all the time, it might be different and fun to take the bus. Bring a friend with you and notice all the things you didn't see before because you were driving

  41. Take classes at your local community college. These classes are much cheaper than university courses

  42. See what's happening at your local recreation center

  43. Visit your city's website or Chamber of Commerce. Many of them have free community events, concerts, and other fun things to do than are often free

  44. Check out the featured events on Arizona Circle. Many are free or low cost

  45. Browse through our Arizona Guide for fun things to do

  46. Go to a park and feed the birds

  47. Have a small pot luck party at your house

  48. Rent a movie, or borrow one from your local library for FREE, and watch it with your friends

  49. Pretend like you're a tourist. Are there any places in your city where tourists go that you haven't been before? Go to your local visitor information center to get some ideas on what might be fun to do

  50. Join internet communities such as facebook


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