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by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

The bigger the city, the greater the opportunity to meet singles, build friendships, and find compatible people to date. However in a big city like Phoenix, people tend to cautious and reserved until they get to know you.

In smaller cities like Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff, it's much easier to strike up a conversation no matter where you go. e.g. if you're at the grocery store or gas station and see someone interesting, people are more open to talking in a small town. Also it's very likely you'll run into them again soon. If there's chemistry, then asking someone on a date would be the next step.

In a big city like Phoenix, I've found that the best way to meet real people who are single and available is to join groups and attend events. The nice thing about this is events and groups usually have a common theme. There's a reason for meeting together. e.g. to listen to blues music, or dancing, or dining, or hiking, etc. In this way you're more likely to find singles with the same interests as you.

There's so much to do a big city such as Phoenix or even Tucson. There are thousands of places to meet singles. Here are some ideas to get you started. Whatever you do, I suggest that you go outside and meet real people rather than sit in front of your computer reading dating profiles that may or may not be truthful. What's the point of online or long distance relationships when there are over 4 million people living in the Phoenix area? Half of them are of the opposite sex and a good percentage are looking for a date or even a long term relationship.

  1. Dancing (ballroom, swing, country and western, tango, salsa, etc)
  2. Fraternal Organizations
  3. Singles Meetup Groups (search online for meetup groups in your city)
  4. Special Interest Meetup Groups (social groups, sports, dining, travel, etc)
  5. Nightclubs
  6. Singles Dances
  7. Volunteering - community events, Chamber of Commerce, hospitals, charitable organizations

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