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by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

I've been dancing all my life. I love it. In 1990 I started taking lessons. I love the Phoenix area because the biggest problem we have is deciding which dance to go to. On any given night there are many choices.

I had about 50 pages of information on this website about places to dance, teachers, lessons, how to learn, etc. I'm in the process of updating all that information at the moment so you'll have a complete picture of the dance scene in the Phoenix area. Although there are dances in Tucson, Prescott, Yuma, Flagstaff, etc. my experience is Phoenix.

Fun Dance Events In Phoenix.

The best way to get up to date dance information is to do a google search for the following. Make sure you enter your city or zip code. For example, 'dancing Phoenix, AZ'

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  • Dance Clubs
  • Dance Events
  • Singles Dances
  • Learn How To Dance, ...

Learn How To Dance Or Become A Better Dancer!

Learning dance moves is pretty easy if you have a good teacher. Some studios offer group lessons and practice time afterwards for as little as $5-$10 and up for the whole night! And you don't need a dance partner. Whether you're single or married, you'll find people to dance with. If you're single, you'll meet other singles that love to dance and married couples as well. Everyone dances with everyone regardless of their relationship status.

If you want to look really good at dances, I suggest that you take lessons from competition dancers who are teachers. Take as many classes, workshops, and private lessons as you can, - at the best dance studio you can find. Every dance school has different standards.

I've been taking lessons for 25 years and find it very interesting that I see new people at every dance. Most don't stick with it. In my opinion they give up too soon. They see professionals dance and believe they can't do it. What new people don't realize is that dancing is a learned activity. If you take dance lessons several times per week you will become an excellent dancer even if you have two left feet. They smooth polished dancers you see on the dance floor were beginners at one time too. The only reason why they're so good now is because they've been dancing a very long time.

I'm in the process of completely redoing all my web pages on dancing to give you the latest most useful information about places to dance, dance teachers, instructors, lessons, studios, classes, workshops, events, private lessons, inexpensive and fun group lessons, ...

In Phoenix you can learn how to dance all the dances including ballroom, hot latin american dances, argentine tango, salsa, swing, country, disco, hustle, and contra. Arizona is also home to less known dances such as shag, lindy hop, bachata, argentine tango, on2 salsa, and Cuban style salsa. If you love to dance, I'll show you why Arizona is the best place to dance and take lessons.


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