Ceragem Massage Bed Review.

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by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

I got a free massage every day for 2 months at a Ceragem store in Phoenix before deciding to buy my own Ceragem bed. During that time no one asked me to make a purchase. Other people attended for a over a year. They actually wanted me to experience the equipment first and thoroughly understand the benefits. Owners of the Ceragem store benefited in three ways. One. Some people like myself bought machines. Two. Other people never bought a machine but told everyone they knew about this amazing product. And three. Some people bought machines AND recommended the equipment to everyone they know.

Letting people sample the bed every day for 40 minutes was a very effective marketing plan. However this article is the benefits of a Ceragem and far less expensive alternatives that work just as well or even better.

Pros and Cons of a Ceragem Bed.

When you're on a Ceragem bed you're very relaxed much like you are in an trance, semi-sleep, or hypnotic state. Your mind is open to suggestions. At the location I went to for a free 40 minute massage every day, the owner would explain the benefits of owning a Ceragem, while you are relaxing on a bed.

Have "A Healthier Body, A Happier Life" with CERAGEM! "Relax Your Mind, Rejuvenate Your Body, Renew Your Spirit" ... are some of the hypnotic suggestions I received while taking advantage of the free Ceragem massages. The bed is so relaxing you don't want to get off of it. 40 minutes is a teaser. So after a few weeks I was anxious to have my own bed and use it for longer than 40 minutes every day.

In my opinion, the bed has more disadvantages than advantages, but if you can afford one and you have plenty of floor space, you and your family might benefit from having one.

That being said, the bed was very helpful when I had a sore back.

I found that I used it every day when I first got it and then I stopped using it. However when I had a sore back or put my back out of place, the bed realigned my spine and I recovered very quickly. Sometimes I would hear my spine crack, much like when a Chiropractor does an adjustment. It felt so good. In fact I believe the Ceragem bed therapy was better for me than Chiropractic. I don't have serious back troubles though.

In the five years that I owned the bed, I put my back out 4 different times and I was glad I had the Ceragem. However when my back was feeling good I rarely used it. The bed takes up a fair amount of floor space in a small bedroom and in my opinion it's an eye sore. People buy the bed because they feel they need it. I don't think anyone buys because it's nice piece of furniture.

I would say the bed might be worth it if you have chronic back pain. Also if several people in your family will be using it, you could spread the cost. I lived alone and was the only one using the bed. The first time you use it you may be uncomfortable. You might even experience pain as the bed tries to align your spine. Always consult with a physician if you have serious back problems before you invest in a bed.

During the time I had the bed, nothing went wrong with it at all. It never needed repair. Not even a bulb burnt out. But of course many months went by when the bed was just gathering dust.

The bed has several settings. You can adjust the heat of the rollers from 112 degrees to 140. You can turn the heat off too. There's another separate heat control for the rest of the bed as well. The bed comes with an automatic mode. Or you can choose to control the movement of the rollers manually. I usually used the Ceragem manually. Interestingly nothing vibrates on the bed. The rollers slowly move up and down your spine. The weight of your body combined with heat aligns your spine and activates pressure points on each side of your spine.

An alternative to buying a Ceragem bed that is much cheaper would be to buy a handheld vibrating massager. You can buy a good one for about $30.

Amazon is a great place to read reviews and research massagers that less expensive (and smaller) than a big old Ceragem bed. But I would be very cautious buying anything from them. Personally after having a very bad experience, I will not buy anything more from Amazon.

What does a massager do? The vibration brings blood and oxygen to the area that's sore and helps the area to heal. A small hand held massager is what I use now and I believe it's just as effective as a Ceragem bed. The only thing it doesn't have is heat. But the good thing is a small massager takes up hardly any space at all compared to a big old Ceragem bed. I don't believe that heat is necessary or even wanted. Heat feels good and relaxing but I believe heat could be a negative. Talk with a Chiropractor as to when to use heat and when to use ice to treat pain.

Another thing you can do for a weak back is join a gym and take group classes or work with a personal trainer. My back has become much stronger since I started taking 'body pump' classes. In these classes, I lift weights for an entire hour. It's very hard to do but these workouts have really strengthened my back a lot. Prior to body pump, yoga was also good for my back and body in general. Yoga is far easier workout than lifting weights for a hour.

If you want a Ceragem bed in Arizona, you'll need to buy one unless another location opens up or you know someone who will let you use it. I bet you can find a bed because so many were sold brand new. Now people don't use them or they've passed away. Many that bought beds were in the 80's and very ill. Try Craigslist. Perhaps someone will let you try it for an hour or so before you buy it. You could ask.

The free 40 minute massages ended when commercial Ceragem locations closed their doors in Phoenix. However with over 4 million people in Arizona, it's possible that another Ceragem location could open in the future.


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