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by Bill Borden
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I've compiled an extensive list of attractions and fun things to do in Arizona.

Everything on this website is neatly arranged so you can find what you're looking for quickly..

One of the nice things about the desert areas of Arizona is that it hardly ever rains so you usually don't have to worry about your sight seeing plans being ruined by wet weather. When it does rain it usually all comes down in an hour or two. Then the sun comes out again. Monsoon season is August, give or take a few weeks. Learn more about Arizona weather, monsoons, and climate.

When people think of Arizona, they think of a hot, dry desert climate. While this is true in Phoenix and southern Arizona, there's so much more to see. As one drives north of Phoenix, the landscape changes from desert to cold mountain climate. Northern Arizona has much to offer in outdoor activities. Central and southern Arizona is also known for outdoor attractions and indoor activities.

The primary metropolitan area of Arizona is Phoenix. Over 4 million people live in this sprawling city comprised of downtown Phoenix and suburbs. There is much to do and see.

Although it is very hot from May to the end of Sept, it's a 'dry heat'. This means that you don't sweat as much and it's more comfortable. However outdoor activities in the hot summer months can be very dangerous for the same reasons. i.e. it's hot and it's dry. You might not feel thirsty, but taking enough water with you when you're hiking in Arizona's beautiful desert is absolutely essential. Perfectly healthy people have been known to die because they were enjoying the outdoors mid day and ran out of water.

That being said, if you're going to be enjoying the desert in the summer months, it's best to get out at day break. Mid day is brutal for strenuous outdoor activities. Wise people stay indoors in the air conditioning. Evenings can be very hot as well. Even though desert nights are cool, the temperatures remain high in Phoenix because of all the pavement and concrete. The ground gets so hot during the day that the heat from the ground keeps temperatures hot late into the night.

What is there to see in Phoenix? Almost anything. Arts, culture, live music, all types of dancing, nightlife, hobbies, clubs, sports, shopping, ... you name it, we have, - except for wintery snowy activities. You'll need to go north to Flagstaff for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc. But other than that you'd be surprised at what you can do and see in Phoenix.

If you like the outdoors, there are many parks and recreation areas, zoos, botanical gardens, wildlife conservation areas, man made lakes fully stocked with good sized fish, trails, nature, ... The desert looks like miles of nothingness to some people but the truth is it's beautiful and teaming with life. You just need to look a little closer.

The best ways to find things you're interested in is to search the internet, read the reviews, and visit local tourist information centers. This website reviews local attractions and things to do. It also is a good resource for visitors, residents, and people moving to Arizona, especially Phoenix.

We've been advertising fun Arizona events and fun things to do since 2002. We also listed attractions because in 'old days' there was a lot of 'trash' on the internet. In other words Google is much better at listing quality websites and information than they were in the early days of the internet. That's why instead of listing attractions and giving you their website, we now review the best places to visit and things to do. We also give you helpful tips and advice. Visiting Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, and the desert areas of Arizona is a much different experience than visiting other locations in the United States.

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