Fun Things To Do & See In Sedona.

Sedona is a world famous tourist area with 18,000 residents and 3.5 million visitors per year. It's home to spectacular and breath taking red rock formations but there are many other reasons why people find Sedona so fascinating. Tourist attractions include unique art, fabulous galleries, designer clothing, furs, leathers, handmade indian merchandise, luxury resorts, scenic tours, and the serenity that comes with being located at a planetary vortex.

Sedona is one of very few places on the planet that has 'vortexes' or energy centers or portals to spiritual realms. New agers throng to Sedona to experience these gateways and tap into unseen but very real sources of extraterestial energies. They also come here to learn more about metaphysics and spirituality. For those that believe there is a 'mind - body' connection, the Sedona area is home to many alternative and spiritual healling centers.

Sedona is also famous for it's artists and fabulous art galleries. You'll find artists everywhere painting, sculpting, and creating new pieces of art that will be enjoyed by art collectors around the world.

Other than shopping for art, people visit Sedona to buy gemstones, jewelry, antiques, unusual designer clothing, souveniers, handmade indian merchandise, furs, leathers, leather products, animal skins, ... If it's natural, handmade, unusual, beautiful, or artistic, you'll find it in Sedona.

Other reasons to visit Sedona include learning about history and ancient cultures, scenic tours, and world class resorts. You can also enjoy the golf courses, restaurants, and fine dining.

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