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January 2020

Welcome To Arizona's Information Center

by Bill Borden
Founder of ArizonaCircle.Com

Virtually all Arizona's largest bars, pubs, and restaurants have websites. Some are very useful in gathering information before making plans. Many have happy hours, events, and drink specials. Some have entertainment.

Since bars in Arizona can be open today and closed forever the next day without warning it's always best to call ahead to make sure information online is accurate.

The best way to find a bar, restaurant, or pub that you might like is to do a Google search. Type in what you're looking for and then the city. For example, you might type this into Google's search box, 'Restaurants Phoenix Arizona'. Once you have a list you can visit each restaurant's website. You can also read reviews on Google, Yelp, and other review websites.

By looking at each website you can often tell what the 'mood' of the bar is it like. Is it classy? Is it romantic? Is it a blue jean type of place? Is it a country bar? Is it a singles bar? Will you feel comfortable there? The photo galleries on the following websites are a great way to preview a bars.

Some restaurants include a lot of information about their bar, such as drink specials, entertainment, hours of operation, happy hours, photos, ... etc. Other's don't. You'll need to make a call to ask questions or just drop in and look around..

If you're looking for a good bar, please check out the following websites for the most up to date information on drink specials, happy hours, prices, entertainment, dress code, ... IMPORANT: Always call first before making plans if you're on a tight schedule or will be driving far.

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