Best Places To Fish In Phoenix Arizona.

Feb 21 2015 Fishing Ponds In Phoenix Arizona.
by Bill Borden

Riverview Park A Popular Place To Fish In The Phoenix Area.

Riverview Park, Mesa, AZ. This is a popular place to fish in the Pheonix area.

Urban Fishing. Five Popular Places To Fish In Phoenix Arizona.

One of the cool things about Phoenix is there's so many fun things to do, - including fishing! Yes you don't need to travel a hundred miles or more looking for a remote lake with great fishing.

The picture in this blog post is the man made lake at Riverview Park in Mesa located at Dobson Road and Rio Salado Parkway, right off the Red Mountain 202 freeway and only 1 mile east of the 101, but there are several other spectacular regional parks in the Greater Phoenix area with beautiful lakes and good fishing.

Riverview Park is within walking distance of Tempe Marketplace, banks, restaurants, fast food, Walmart Supercenter, Home Depot, tons of shopping, car dealerships, and much more. This is urban fishing at it's best.

You might laugh if you're from out of town that there can't be any fish in these man made lakes, but there is. They are well stocked with a variety of fish on a regular basis by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

You will need to follow the rules and regulations like anywhere else. These rules are clearly posted by each lake or you can visit the State of Arizona website for licensing requirements. I won't post them here because they're subject to change. By the time you read this article, the licensing requirements for a fishing permit might be different.

If you love to fish and the rest of your family does not, it's ok. These fishing ponds in large regional parks may include other activities. You can fish and your spouse can take the kids to the playground, or they can watch the ducks, ride bikes, skateboard, etc depending upon what's offered at these recreation areas.

The best way to find these fishing ponds near you is to visit the State of Arizona Game and Fish Department website. Also visit the websites for individual towns in the Phoenix area such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, etc. Another option is to do Google seraches for 'fishing Mesa Arizona', or 'fishing Scottsdale Arizona', or 'fishing Phoenix Arizona', etc ...

Where To Go Fishing In Phoenix Arizona.

  1. Roadrunner Park, Phoenix
  2. Kiwanis Park, Tempe
  3. Chaparral Park, Scottsdale
  4. Red Mountain Park, Mesa
  5. Riverview Pakr, Mesa
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