Intermediate Waltz Lesson Phoenix.

Feb 8, 2015 Video: Intermediate Waltz Lesson Phoenix, at the Fat Cat Ballroom.
by Bill Borden

John, one of the teachers at Fat Cat Ballroom in Phoenix, did a fabulous job teaching waltz last night at the Fat Cat Ballroom in NE Phoenix. Here's a video of the lesson.

Group lessons are a good value. Many of us seasoned dancer go to the beginner and advanced intermediate lessons to learn and encourage new dancers.

Every week you'll meet new people who love to dance. If you continue going to them, you'll eventually develop many frriendships over time.

Private dance lessons are the best but for the money you can't beat group lessons. Most of the time a partner isn't necessary. You can bring one and dance with one person all night long, but if you come alone, don't worry. You'll be 'rotating' from one partner to the next every few minutes.

This Saturday, John taught some very cool moves in intermediate waltz that can be used on the social dance floor. First of course was the beginner lesson. After that the intermediate lesson. Although this looks challenging and it is, instructors teach one step at a time and break down patterns into small segments. Then it's just a matter of putting all the dance moves together.

As you become a better dancer, you can combine paatterms and mix them to create interesting new variations depending upon the music.

The important thing is not to get discouraged in the beginning. I've been taking lessons since 1990 and it's so much fun, but in the beginning there's a tendency for new people to give up too soon. They see so many people doing cool patterns in Waltz and other ballroom dances and say 'I can't do that.'. What they don't realize most of the time is anyone can learn how to dance. The reason why you see so many good dancers is because they've been practicing for a long time.

Sometimes like on Saturday nights at Fat Cat's in Phoenix, social dancing after the lessons is included with your admission.This gives you an opportunity to practice the new moves you learned in the lessons. Practicing right after the lessons and the next day is the best way to remember what you've learned in Waltz or any other dance.

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Enjoy this Waltz lesson and see you at the next dance!

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