Dog Parks Phoenix.

Feb 1 2015 Phoenix Dog Parks
by Bill Borden
Dog Parks Phoenix
Phoenix Dog Park at the NW Corner of Cave Creek Rd and Grovers
(1/2 mile North of Bell Road)

Phoenix Dog Parks.

One of the nice things about living in Phoenix is that the town is dog friendly. You'll find many large 'dog parks' all over the Greater Phoenix metro area.

In addition to regular parks that you can take your dog too, these dog parks are large fenced in areas. Dog parks are places where you dog can run free and socialize with other dogs and people. They are very popular in Phoenix.

I've included a picture of a dog park but you'll find them everywhere. All you need to do is run a google search for 'dog parks Phoenix AZ ' or 'dog parks Chandler AZ' or 'dog parks Peoria AZ' etc. depending upon where you live. You can also visit the website of the city you live in and check out the parks and recreation areas.

Although your dog will have lots of fun playing with other dogs, you may want to bring a ball or a dog toy so you can play fetch and interact with your dog.

Dog parks are also an excellent place for you to train your dog. There are many distractions for your dog at these parks. Although you'll probably want your dog to run with other dogs and interact, you may want to practice obedience training to test your dog's ability to obey commands in spite of your dog's desire to explore and play.

If you can't find a dog park nearby, Phoenix and the Greater Phoenix area, has neighborhood parks located all over town. These are small parks that you can take your dog to as long as your pet is leashed. Of course you can walk your dog anywhere. You don't need to go to a park. But dogs love running on the grass compared to concrete roads and sidewalks.

Another option is larger regional parks. Most cities in Phoenix have at least one or more of these parks. Some regional parks have playgrounds, lakes, baseball fiellds, and many other activities for dogs, children, and adults.

There's a lot to do in Phoenix and aside from the great weather, it's the main reason why I continue to live here.

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