West Phoenix Arizona Crime Rate January 2020.

Jan 23, 2015
by Bill Borden

This is what I can tell you about crime in West Phoenix based on living on the west side and east sides of town about an equal amount of years. I like both parts of town but there are some areas that have hgher crime rates.

Phoenix is a big city. Four million people live in the Greater Metro Phoenix area. Some of the homeless people and people without cars do stay in one place. But most criminals have vehicles and travel all over the city. Most of the bad guys are looking for easy targets in 'nice' areas of town where people have their guard down and the police aren't paying any attention.

West Phoenix. Is It Really That Bad?

When criminals have cars, they typically will not hit areas near where they live. In fact some will call the police if they see something suspicious because they don't want to be blamed for crimes near their house.

Does West Phoenix have a higher crime rate compared to East Phoenix? I doubt it. Like any big city, all parts of Phoenix have good and bad neighborhoods right beside each other. The west side is no different. There are some very nice neighborhoods on the west side of town.

Generally speaking it's the central downtown part of Phoenix both east and west of Central and particularly on the south side of Phoenix that I personally would stay away from. But there are other areas I wouldn't want to live in as well. Yesterday, I found myself in the northern part of East Mesa at night. I personally would not choose to live there.

It's common knowledge that you need to be careful in the SW part of Phoenix and especially by South Mountain. I would not recommend the area but I lived near 'Laveen' which is the South Mountain area for a year and was not a victim of crime. I did hear gun shots at night once in a while, so there's always a chance that stray bullet could strike you, but no one bothered me or my neighbors. I parked my car outside everynight on the street or in my driveway and no one bothered it. The part of South Mountain that I lived in was a new development surrounded by other neighborhoods with nice homes. But there were many run down neighborhoods nearby. Yes 10 years ago the South Mountain area on the central and west part of Phoenix was gang infested but it's much better than it was.

Some parts of the west side are just as nice or better than some parts of the east side of Phoenix. But because it's 'the west side of town', housing tends to be more reasonably priced. If you are considering the west side of town I would suggest staying north of Thunderbird Road, but once you go west past 75th Ave you might find nice neighborhoods south of Thunderbird. I really haven't spent much time in Avondale, Goodyear, and Buckeye (which is the far SW part of Phoenix) .

Before settling down on the west side or any part of Phoenix, I would recommend that you drive the neighborhoods that you're interested in after dark. Some neighborhoods on the west side may look ok during the day time, but might not be very safe at night. Even if an area looks safe at night use caution if you're new to Phoenix.

There are some great places to live on the west side. These areas tend to be on the NW part of Phoenix. For example most of Arrowhead is nice as well as some parts of Peoria and Glendale. You might like Sun City, Surprise, or El Mirage. Just use common sense. If you're moving to Phoenix, consider renting for a few months instead of buying. This will give you time to explore the city and know for sure where you'd like to live.

Even when you move to a nice neighborhood always pay attention. Criminals like easy targets where people have their guard down. It's a false sense of security to believe you're 'safe' just because you live in a nice part of town.

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