Why Do People Love Phoenix?

Dec 2, 2012
by Bill Borden
Phoenix and surrounding areas is so large that all year round you'll find lots of fun things to do. You should never be bored. The cost of living and visiting Phoenix is reasonable even if you're on a budget. There are plenty of cheap hotels as well as five star resorts. There's something for everyone. Because Phoenix is such a popular tourist destination, flights in and out of Sky Harbor International Airport are usually inexpensive. Cheap deals are available all the time if you're flexible.

The biggest issue people have about Phoenix is there's too much to do and see. You just can't take it all in unless you're here for an extended period of time. But that's a good thing. On any any given day there are many events, and attractions you can choose from. In my opinion Phoenix offers you the best of everything. The competition is fierce for your tourist dollars. That means hot deals for you almost year round. And if you don't mind the summer heat, you can save even more. Hotels and resorts offer discounted rates during the off season.

If you love golf, Phoenix is the place to be. You can do it all year round and there are many public courses for you to choose from. Many communities are built around golf courses, so if you want to live in Phoenix look for a house on the fairway or close by. Of course you'll pay a little more. The cheap deals on houses are in less sought after areas.

What is the best Phoenix has to offer?

  1. Luxury apartments or cheap housing
  2. Five star resorts or hot deals on budget hotels
  3. Night clubs, live music, bands, concerts, entertainment
  4. Money saving travel packages
  5. Cheap rental cars
  6. Shopping malls, specialty shops, hard to find products
  7. Theater, museums, historical monuments, arts and culture
  8. Tons of fabulous attractions sure interest adults and kids
  9. Fine dining, buffets, cheap eats, fast food. You name, - it's here
  10. Coupons and discounts on everything especially in the summer
  11. Fun and unusual things to do. e.g. have you seen Phoenix from a hot air ballon?
  12. Almost perfect weather most of the year

Find The Best Deals.

Where can you find the best deals in Phoenix?

  1. Online local and travel websites
  2. Find cheap flights by visiting airline on the internet
  3. Daily and weekly newspapers. Find them at stores, street corners, etc
  4. Visit local theaters, museums, tourist attractions. Online discount coupons might be available
  5. Visit Arizona tourist information centers or hotel, resort lobbies for discounts on restaurants, hotels and attractions

Another idea if you like free stuff like free meals, free hotels, etc is to listen to time share presentations. Oftentimes if you're willing to listen to a couple hour time share sales pitch, they'll give you a few hundred dollars worth of stuff for free. Sedona is a great place for this, but sometimes you'll find promotions in Phoenix.

If you're friendly and outgoing, talk with local residents. Ask them where the best deals are. Phoenix residents love visitors and tourists. Most people are very helpful. Just ask.

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