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Best Places To Live In Arizona.

Oct 27, 2012
by Bill Borden

The largest cities in Arizona are Phoenix and Tucson. Phoenix is by far the largest city. The Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area is home to millions of people and visitors every year. The population of these towns and other desert cities, increases during the winter months from October to April. During the summer the population is less.

The seasonal and somewhat transient nature of Phoenix, Tucson, and other desert towns, affects the economy. Businesses need to plan for more customers in the winter and less in the summer. In addition to visitors from other states who go home in the summer, many natives of Phoenix and Tucson head out of town during the summer. Some go out of state, but others head for the hills not far away. At higher elevations in Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, etc. the weather is much cooler. e.g. it could be 122 degrees in Phoenix but only 70 degrees in Flagstaff.

In three of four hours you can beat the Phoenix heat by driving north in the mountains of Arizona. Retired residents often spend the entire summer in the mountains. Working people with jobs, tend to leave Phoenix on the weekends and return to work during week days.

Even though it is very hot in Phoenix during the summer, temperatures during the night cool down. Hikers and outdoor people like to be outside at day break and indoors during mid day. Roofers, construction workers, and other trades that need to be outside prefer to work very early in the morning. During the day, everyone goes indoors or lives in their air conditioned cars. The heat is dry so unless you're working hard you don't sweat but it's still hot. Vigorous physical activity without water leads to rapid dehydration. This is a very serious condtion.

Cheapest Places To Live In Arizona.

Phoenix is home to the best deals in Arizona. Competition is fierce all year round. You will find hot deals on everything year round. However during the summer months when demand for products and services is very long, the deals are even better. The big city makes the cost of living in Phoenix very reasonable. At the same time you have access to world class events and entertainment.

If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area you will find the best deals on

  1. Restaurants
  2. Airline tickets
  3. Free stuff

If you live outside of the big cities, you'll pay more for gas, services, and products. Of course you won't have as much to choose from as well. However, your rent or housing costs might be lower. It all depends on how popular a town is and what it has to offer. If you're willing to live in a rural Arizona city, your access to arts, culture, fine dining, and entertainment is limited. There are fewer deals, discounts, coupons, and fun things to do. On the other hand the cost of living might still be lower overall.

The most popular destination spots in Arizona for tourists are:

  1. Phoenix area
  2. Tucson
  3. Sedona

This is true especially in the winter. However some people prefer quieter areas of Arizona to vacation in.

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