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Oct 1, 2012
by Bill Borden

What Is The Weather Like In Phoenix?

The average weather in Phoenix is hot but nice. 300 days of the year are sunny. It is rare to have cloudy weather for prolonged periods of time. People feel better when the sun is out and tend not to get as depressed as people who live in areas that get less sunlight. Also it's rare for events to get rained out. It happens but not nearly as often as places that don't have the weather Phoenix has.

The best time of year to visit Phoenix is October and November. The average weather is usually nice day and night. Not too hot and not too cold. December through March are colder months. Another good time to visit Phoenix is April and May. The hottest time of the year is June through Sept. During the day temperatures can range from 110 to 122 degrees farenheit and 90 to 110 at night. Since the humidity in Phoenix is usually around 10% it doesn't seem that hot. However during the monsoon season, mid July to mid Sept, the humidy can rise. The weather outside can feel very hot and somewhat uncomfortable.

That being said, I feel more comfortable during Phoenix summers than I did when I lived in Connecticut. 100 degree temperatures and 100% humidy seemed hotter to me than summers in Phoenix. Since it's so hot, people usually wear very light clothing, short sleeve shirts, shorts, etc. However for people working indoors, the air conditioning can make it very cold. So outside it's too hot to wear a wool suit. Yet indoors you can wish you had one.

One of the cool things about visiting Phoenix in the summer even though the average temperatures are very hot, is that you find the best deals on resorts, hotels, rental cars, restaurant dining, night clubs, tours, vacation packages, and fun things to do. If you want to save money, summer is the time to take advantage of 'hot' deals on everything. It's also a quieter time of year. Most of the tourists are gone. Valley residents travel north to avoid the heat.

If you're going to visit Phoenix when the average temperature is over 100 degrees, you'll want to stay indoors during the daytime. If you love to walk and enjoy the beauty of the desert, do it very early in the morning or late at night. I prefer early in the morning. Late at night you need to be more careful and aware of your surroundings. I've always felt safe in Phoenix but it's a big city.

Of course if you have the money, come to Phoenix when the average weather is fabulous. i.e. Oct, Nov, Apr, May. You'll pay more for hotels, attractions, and fun things to do, but it might be worth it. The climate is usually absolutely gorgeous during these months.

Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar are warm compared to the rest of the country but no one spends time in their pool. It's much too cold. Even though temperatures might reach a high of 60-70 degrees at mid day, it cools off rapidly. During the night temperatures can dip down into the 40's. It rarely goes belong freezing in Phoenix and if it does it's during the night.

If you're thinking about moving to Phoenix you'll save a lot of money on heating. The only time my furnace kicks in is during the night in the coldest months. Of course because the average weather in Phoenix is so hot in the summer, you will spend some money on electricity to run your AC units. During the best months I mentioned earlier, I rarely use heat or the AC. In fact the heating and air conditioning stays off during the fall and spring.

My recommendations is this. If you want to take advantage of cheap deals on hotels, food, and things to do, summer is the best time to visit Phoenix. If you want to take advantage of the best weather, visit the valley of the sun from Oct to April. The average weather is the best you'll find anywhere in the country. Warm temperatures and low humidty makes for a perfect climate.

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