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Sept 10, 2012
by Bill Borden


You'll love Arizona and if you want to enjoy the best in arts and culture, Phoenix is the place to live. The Greater Phoenix area is home to millions of residents. Due to it's size, arts, culture, events, and entertainment is everywhere. The biggest disappointment about Phoenix is there's too much to do. Of course this is a good thing. But for some people it's a challenge deciding which event they will attend. On any given day, there are choices to make. You may want to attend ten different things that are all happening at exactly the same time.

In addition to entertainment, there are local nearby schools where you can study theatre, drama, music, dance, and almost any skill you can imagine. Get your degree or just take credit hours for fun. Whatever your interest level is, you'll find everything in the Phoenix area.

Arts and Culture. Phoenix.

The purpose of this website is to give you insider information that is not normally presented on other Phoenix websites. I live here and know what it's like. I'm giving you my perspective so you know what to expect when you visit. Or perhaps you want to move here. Before you make such a decision take a look at the articles I've written for you.

It is not my purpose to repeat information about arts and culture in Phoenix that can be found in seconds by doing a google search. Sometimes the interet is a good way to do research and sometimes it isn't. You do have other options. Let's take a look at them.

Be a social butterfly. Talk with people who have visited Phoenix and are interested in the same things you like. They might live in your city or you can find them on the internet. Try Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social medium sites. You can also look for specialty forums on the internet. e.g. if you're interested in the opera or learning how to sing, you might find a group in the Phoenix area that's interested in the same thing. Get feedback.

Take a look at Meetup.Com and see if there are groups of people with your talents or interests. Chances are good that you'll connect with like minded people in no time.

Local clubs and organizations. Do you belong to the Rotary? Elks? Moose Lodge? Business and fraternal organizations are a good way to meet people. Ask about the arts and events they have attended.

Contact centers for the arts directly, online, by phone, or in person. Ask questions. Get brochures. Visit their facilities. Talk with people. Can they recommend other places. People who love to dance know all the best places to dance. People who love music run in the same circles. Go to one event and meet people. They'll tell you about other venues.

Pick up the local newspapers. Daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers are filled with discount coupons, theater information, big concerts, free ones, cheap tickets, season pass information, etc.

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