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Aug 9, 2012
by Bill Borden

If you want to avoid the cold temperatures and snow that plagues most of the United States and Canada, Arizona might be the perfect destination spot for your. Of course don't make the mistake of traveling to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, or Sedona. Northern Arizona has some of the coldest temperatures and snow in the entire country. That's because of Northern Arizona's mountains.

During the summer, travel to the desert communities of Arizona. These towns are usually warm during the day with cooler temperatures at night. It is rare for temperatures to go below freezing even during the night. For this reason, visitors travel from thousands of miles to explore the Arizona desert cities.

Some people have two homes. They have a summer home which can be in the mountains of northern Arizona or other areas of the country. Some live in Oregon, Montana, the Dakotas, Colorado, Canada, the East coast, etc during the summer and make Arizona their home during the winter. It's the best of both worlds. If you're not tied to a job or your work allows you to live anywhere, this may be perfect for you.

Weather in Phoenix During The Winter.

Phoenix is the largest city. The Greater Phoenix area is comprised of these Phoenix cities I will talk about Phoenix winter weather, but the climate of other Arizona desert cities such as Tucson and Yuma will be virtually the same.

Winter comes late in Phoenix. It usually starts to get cold in November. December, January, February and part of March are the coldest months. It's rare to have days with cloudy weather during the winter but there are exceptions. One year in 2004 or 2005 it was cloudy, humid, cool, and rainy almost every day for several months during the winter. I felt like I was living on the East Coast. Although there was no snow that year the humidy, wind, clouds, and dismal weather conditions got old after a few days. I do remember taking pictures of hail on the streets and around my swimming pool.

At night most people wear sweaters or jackets with long pants. A few die hards or tourists wear shorts because the weather seems warm for them. However Arizona residents get cold fast. When the temperatures dip below 60 degrees fahrenheit, most people start to shiver and put on warmer clothes. Definitely the swimming pools are not used during the winter months. However if you're from colder climates, you might be tempted to jump in.

During the day time, temperatures can peak between 60 and 80 degrees plus for an hour or two. Sounds warm but with very low humidity around 10 percent, temperatures can feel cooler. As soon as the sun goes down, temperatures drop. In the day time, most people where long pants and warm light clothing. A few people who are outside a lot and working hard where shorts. However during the night, you'll feel much more comfortable if you dress appropriately. Usually only a light jacket, and some sweaters are required in Phoenix. An umbrella also comes in handy in case it rains.

If you're visiting Phoenix in the winter you can leave your down filled parka, winter hats, gloves, and long underwear at home. You won't need these things unless you plan on taking day trips into the mountains.

Things To Do During The Winter.

I'm going to talk about Phoenix because it's the largest metropolitan area in Arizona. Smaller towns such as Tucson and Yuma will have less to do. Local businesses depend on tourists every year. The economy is driven by visitors. Most business try to make the most of it during the winter. With much competition, you'll find good deals on fun things to do, nightclubs, cheap hotels, flights to Phoenix, attractions, and restaurants.

One thing for sure is that if you get bored in Phoenix, you'll be bored anywhere. The biggest problem with Phoenix is there's too much to do. Many times I find myself torn between six or seven things I'd love to do in my area of Phoenix. However all the events are happening at the same time. Almost always I'm forced to pick one thing out of many posibilities. If you can live with that, Phoenix is the best place to be in the winter.

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