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July 3, 2012
by Bill Borden

How To Prepare For the Weather In Arizona.

Most visitors from out of State think that Arizona is warm year round. Certainly this is true in the desert cities of Arizona such as Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and other small towns. However in the northern regions of Arizona the weather can get very cold during the winter. The higher you travel into the mountains the cooler the temperatures are. e.g. the south rim of the Grand Canyon is very high and the temperatures reflect high altitude destinations anywhere in the world.

Desert Weather.

Deserts are very hot in the summer during the day time. The best time to venture outdoors is very early in the morning at dawn. If you have to best outside during the day, be sure to bring lots of cool, clean water with you. Do not substitute sodas, energy drinks, or other beverages. Water should be your drink of choice. Drink lots of it even though you're not thirsty. Hot, dry temperatures and low humidy can lead to rapid dehydration.

The weather usually cools down rapidly at night. This happens all year round but in the summer, it can take many hours for temperatures to drop to comfortable levels especially in big cities. The reason for this is because during the day the ground, asphalt, concrete, and buildings absorb the intense radiation from the sun. You cannot walk on these hot surfaces without getting burned. Even though temperatures drop as soon as the sun goes down, it takes a long time for heat to escape from surfaces that soaked up the hot temperatures during the day.

With over 300 days of sunlight during the year and very little rain, many people love the desert. Cloudy, gloomy weather can lead to depression and sadness. Sunlight can boost one's mood and feeling of well being. Also events rarely get cancelled. You can plan things far in advance. The chances of having bad weather are slim.

Desert Monsoon Season.

Monsoon season in Arizona is mid July to mid Sept. There are always exceptions to the rule but most of the time this is when you can expect bad weather. Monsoons rarely last more than a few hours. In the desert it is sunny almost every day. During the monsoon season, heat builds up during the day. Combined with incoming humid air, heavy clouds accumulate. Monsoons usually strike late in the day and early in the evening.

Arizona Mountain Weather.

In Northern Arizona, the weather is very different from weather in the desert. This is because of high altitude in the mountains. During the summer, temperatures can be very comfortable. Depending on the month and time of day, light clothing is all that's necessary. At night you might want to have a sweater or a light jacket.

Winter comes fast in northern Arizona. Expect lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Beware of low level mountain fog, icy roads, and poor visibility.

Arizona Weather.

Some Arizona residents complain about the weather. In the desert they say it's too hot in the summer. In the mountains they say it's too cold in the winter. But the majority of Arizona natives love the weather.

Where else can you live where you can pick your weather? If you live in the desert you can easily escape the summer heat by taking a short day trip to Sedona, Flagstaff, or even the Grand Canyon. If you live in northern Arizona, you can travel a few hours to Phoenix during the winter and enjoy tropical weather conditions.

The nice thing about Phoenix weather is that you don't need to shovel it. Snow plows do not needed in Phoenix. If it's too hot during May, June, July, Aug, and Sept you can enjoy the great indoors where the weather is cool all the time thanks to modern air conditioning. Residents save money by turning their air off and going to public places to hang out. There are plenty of shopping malls, libraries, movie theaters, nightclubs, and fun things to do during the summer.

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