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May 20, 2012
by Bill Borden

Getting around Arizona is much like any other State. Big cities are more congested. Avoid rush hour traffic if you can especially in Tucson. Yuma is a much smaller town. Traffic moves pretty fast in Phoenix even during rush hour, relatively speaking. Some sections of freeway are bumper to bumper, but if you have a passenger, you can use the HOV carpool lanes. They are almost always very fast. If you're driving alone, never use the carpool lane during rush hour. Signs are posted. Rush hour is usually considered 6am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm. If you get caught driving in the carpool lane by yourself during prohibited hours, the fine is several hundred dollars!!!

Traffic In Northern Arizona.

Driving in the Northern Arizona mountains can be scenic but also very treacherous if you're not paying attention or going too fast. Some areas involve narrow stretches of highway, hairpin turns, and reduced visibility. Fog and icy conditions can be very dangerous during winter months.

Take your time driving through Northern Arizona. Enjoy the restaurants, shopping for native crafts, tourist attractions, and fun things to do. Traffic during the summer months is heavier because Phoenix residents head up into the hills to get away from the extreme desert heat.

You'll find the best deals on hotels during the winter season because tourists love Northern Arizona during the summer months. During the winter certain areas can be popular for skiing. But aside from that winter is very quiet. Some businesses close down for the winter. Others may offer cheap deals to attract your business.

Traffic In Phoenix.

Phoenix is the most populated area of Arizona. Phoenix and it's nearby communities make up the 'Greater Phoenix' area. It's a vast area of residential areas, businesses, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Because of competition, Arizona hotels, motels, restaurants, casinos, and tourist attractions are always offering hot deals even in the winter time during peak tourist season. However in the summer, when temperatures heat up, the deals become even hotter. If you don't mind the heat, you can travel cheap in the summer.

The traffic during the summer months in Phoenix is also quieter. Most of the snow birds have gone home to more moderate climates. In addition, Phoenix residents head out of town to avoid the heat. Of course this means that traffic heading out of town can be heavy especially on Fridays or before a holiday. Traffic coming into Phoenix can get heavy Sunday night as residents come back home for work on Monday.

Traffic In Tucson.

Tucson is a small fraction of the size of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area. However their highway system is not as efficient. For this reason, traffic around the Tucson area can be slow at certain times of the day and during the winter. Be patient, take time to enjoy the attractions and fun things to do. The climate is moderate during the winter and very pleasant. Being stuck in traffic might give a reason to see more of Tucson that you might otherwise miss. Just drive carefully.

Instead of driving you might want to consider taxi cabs, tours, and alternate forms of transportation. When you don't have to drive you see more. Budget hotels, hot deals, and fun things to do, make Tucson a great place to visit regardless of traffic conditions.

Arizona Traffic.

As you get into smaller towns and rural Arizona, traffic depends on weather conditions, time of day, local attractions, and what's nearby. An accident can stop traffic for a while but that can happen anywhere. Driving and traffic in Arizona is not much different than traffic anywhere else. Just follow the rules of the road, be patient, courteous, and pay attention to your driving. Above all else, never ever drink and drive in Arizona. The penalties for DUI are severe, including fines and manditory jail time. Welcome to Arizona!!!

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