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Apr 14, 2012
by Bill Borden

How To Find A Job In Arizona.

Most people look for job openings online or in the newspaper. In this economy that's not always a good idea. Smart job hunters today resort to other methods of finding a job such as these.

  1. Business networking
  2. Employment agencies. Job banks
  3. Referrals from your circle of influence and friends
  4. Cold calling on businesses you want to work for. i.e. finding a job before it's advertised means no competition!
  5. Offering to work for free on a trial basis for a period of time
  6. Some people are very successful using a recruiter
  7. Retraining and going into an entirely new field where the demand is higher

If you have experience working in corporate America and like working for big companies that might be your best option. If you've had many successes in your career you might be in high demand. It all depends on your job skills. Go down this list of Arizona's largest employers and pick companies you want to work for. Visit their websites and apply. Persistence and follow up is super important today more than ever. The money is in following up and asking for the job.

Where To Find A Job In Arizona.

The Top 50 Arizona Employers.

  1. American Airlines
  2. American Express
  3. Apollo Group
  4. Arizona State University
  5. Bank of America
  6. Banner Health
  7. Basha's Supermarkets
  8. Boeing
  9. Catholic Healthcare West
  10. Cigna Healthcare
  11. Circle K Convenience Stores
  12. Costco -
  13. Cox Communications
  14. Dillards Department Store
  15. Discount Tire
  16. FedEx
  17. Fry's Marketplace
  18. Home Depot
  19. Honeywell
  20. Intel Semi Conductor
  21. Intuit
  22. JPMorgan Chase
  23. JCPenny Department Stores
  24. John C. Lincoln Hospitals
  25. Lockheed Martin
  26. Lowe's
  27. Mayo Clinic
  28. Mariott Hotels
  29. McDonalds Restaurant
  30. Medtronic
  31. Microchip
  32. Morgan Stanley
  33. Motorola
  34. Phoenix Children's Hospital
  35. Qwest Communications
  36. Raytheon - Missile Manufacturing
  37. Safeway Grocery Store
  38. Salt River Project Power & Water Utility
  39. Sears
  40. Shamrock Foods
  41. State Farm Insurance
  42. Swift Trucking
  43. Target Department Stores
  44. U-Haul
  45. United Parcel Service
  46. US Airways
  47. Verison Wireless
  48. Walgreens Pharmacy
  49. Walmart
  50. Wells Fargo Bank
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