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Apr 2, 2012
by Bill Borden

The population of Arizona is approximately 6.5 million people. The majority live in the Greater Phoenix area. Tucson is considerably smaller. Other popular cities are Yuma, Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff (primarily because of the University of Northern Arizona). Of course many other towns are home to Arizona residents.

During the winter months, Oct to April, snowbirds move to Arizona and the population increases dramatically. People move from primarily the northern US and Canada to Arizona to take advantage of the fabulous climate and warm winters. Many retired people without jobs can easily do this and they do. This is a tremendous boom to tourism, flights to Phoenix, restaurants, dining establishments, hotels, resorts, rental car companies, etc.

The best deals can be found in the summer when the demand for products and services is low. It's cheaper to live in desert communities during the summer months, however if you're paying for electricity, your costs can be higher. Air conditioning can drive the cost of living higher.

Some people who live in the desert during the winter don't actually leave their desert homes. They just spend more time in the high country. Cities like Flagstaff, Cottonwood, and Sedona. The population of northern communities south of the Grand Canyon increases. Of course the increase is not a permanent increase in population. None the less it does affect the economy.

During hot summer months when temperatures can reach 120 degrees farenheit, most people go indoors or air conditioned cars. Everyone else leaves the State of goes to Northern Arizona.

Because of the transient nature of Arizona, especially the Phoenix area, population figures may be decieving. e.g. what if someone has 2 residences. One in Phoenix and one in Canada. They spend six months in Phoenix and six months up north. Where do they live? Probably Canada if they're Canadian citizens. But many of them consider Phoenix their home. The same could apply to someone who lives in Seattle, or Minnesota. If they spend half of their time in Arizona, where is their permanent home? If their house in Phoenix is smaller does that make it a 'second' home? Perhaps, but they're still living in Arizona an equal amount of time.

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