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March 15, 2012
by Bill Borden

Major industries in Arizona are tourism and high tech. Resorts, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, travel, and supporting small businesses drive the economy along with big high tech companies such as Intel, Motorola, and Honeywell. Several military bases employ people in Arizona as well. Of course with over 6 million people in the State, the government is a large employer as well.

Some people prefer to be their own boss. Arizona is filled with entreprenuers. Small business owners love the flexibility and independence of working for themselves. Network marketing, MLM, and direct sales is taking off all over the country. Some Arizona residents are doing very well at it. Unfortunately most Americans don't have the ambition to be fabulously rich. Some join the wrong business opportunities or they just don't have the skills or determination to succeed.

The ordinary Joe settles for much less in return for the 'security' of a regular paycheck. Trouble is, those 9-5 jobs are scarce and there's no such thing as job security these days. The belief that working for corporate America is safer than owning your own business is an illussion.

Smart people tend not to put all their eggs in one basket. Many are working more than one job. The ones that are working full time, often start small businesses part time to suppliment their income. Also if they get laid off, they have another source of income.

The best way to find a job is to be persistent and competitive. Focus on what you can give and bring to the table. Why should an employer hire you and not someone else? It might be that you don't have the skills you need to get the best job or something you can do. Many people understand the job market and go back to school. That's smart. Loans are available to will pay for tuition and expenses while going to school. People today change careers. Some do it several times in their life time. We have to because our world is changing more rapidly than ever before in history.

Another thing to consider is the seasonal nature of desert communities. The biggest population center is the Greater Phoenix area. That's where most of the jobs are. The next largest population centers are Tucson and Yuma. During the winter months from Oct to April these cities do much better economically because visitors from all over the USA and Canada make Arizona their home. However when it gets hot, our winter visitors go home to cooler climates. This means that tourism suffers. Hotels and resorts are not filled to capacity. Restaurants see a decline in business. Think about it. Almost every business dependent on the local economy is affected when winter visitors leave the State.

Many people move to Arizona and expect to get a job very quickly. If you look in the newspaper or online it seems like it should be that hard. What most people don't realize is that for every job, dozens if not hundreds of people are applying. The competition is fierce. This can be discouraging for a job seeker. It can take months to find a job. You may have to settle for less or go back to school for retraining.

Another option of course is to create your own job by opening a home based business. Some can be started on a shoe string. If you have the skills, drive, ambition, and desire to be your own boss, this might be your best option in this tight economy. As long as you have your health, self employed people can never be fired or laid off if they have many customers. If your business relies on one customer you could be in trouble. But if you run a product or service business that appeals to the masses, you could do very well in Arizona.

Also today with the invention of the internet, many people are not dependent on the local economy. If you're selling products and services in other States or internationally you can live anywhere. Talk about job security. Imagine no longer being dependent on one employer. Life is good if you have the personality needed to be a successful business owner.

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