25 Arizona Facts.

What Should I Know About Arizona?

Mar 1, 2012
by Bill Borden

  1. Arizona is on MST and most of the state does not switch to daylight savings time
  2. Arizona is the 48th State to join the United States on Feb 14, 1912
  3. Bordering states are Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California, and New Mexico
  4. Dress code is comfortable and casual. Formal where is reserved for special occaissions
  5. In 1885, the oldest institution for higher learning was founded. (ASU)
  6. In 1911, the Roosevelt Dam was completed
  7. Largest metropolitan area is the Greater Phoenix area
  8. Legal age for drinking is 21
  9. Major industries are tourism and high tech
  10. Maricopa is the 4th largest county in the country
  11. Official neckwear is the bolo tie
  12. Population is estimated at 6.5 million
  13. Referred to as 'The Grand Canyon State'
  14. State amphibian is the Arizona tree frog
  15. State bird is the Cactus Wren
  16. State gem is turquoise
  17. State fish is the apache trout
  18. State flower is the Saguaro blosoom
  19. State fossil is petrified wood
  20. State mammal is the ringtail
  21. State reptile is the rattlesnake
  22. State size is 113,909 square miles
  23. State songs are Arizona March Song and Arizona
  24. State tree is the Palo Verde
  25. The largest metropolitan area is Phoenix
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