Where Do People Live In Arizona?

Feb 1, 2012
by Bill Borden

Best Places To Live In Arizona.

Almost everyone lives in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. Phoenix is home to millions of Arizona residents and it's located in a valley near the central part of Arizona. Phoenix is a desert town and a popular tourist destination. Perhaps better known is Scottsdale which is on the east side of Phoenix. Scottsdale is home to the best resorts, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and entertainment. However many people prefer Phoenix to Scottsdale especially the Biltmore, Camelback Mountain, and Paradise Valley areas of Phoenix.

In spite of being a very large city, the freeways are excellent. If you know where the traffic bottlenecks are you can usually avoid them and get to your destination quickly even in rush hour. Because it's a very large city, i.e. Phoenix and the surrounding towns, people tend to stay in their local geographic area. Some people think nothing of driving from the west to the east side of town, but most people don't like to drive more than ten or fifteen minutes from their home.

In addition, Phoenix has an excellent network of public transportation, buses, light rail, etc. Because of parking and traffic going downtown, many Phoenix residents choose to take the bus or the train. It's a cheap way to get around. It saves time. Plus with the high cost of gas and parking it makes sense to use public transportation.

Carpool lanes on major highways make a big difference when it comes to getting around at rush hour. Instead of taking the bus or train, many people choose to ride with a friend. Warning. If you driving by yourself and are in a rush, never use the HOV carpool lane illegally. Watch the time. If you get caught driving in the HOV lane when you shouldn't, the fine is typically several hundred dollars.

No matter where you live in the Phoenix area, everything you need is near by. Each community usually has a selection of grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, bars, movie theaters, etc. You may have to travel farther to take a flight, go to school, work, theaters, resorts, casinos, etc.

The next large city in Arizona is Tucson and it's suburbs. Tucson is much smaller than Phoenix. Even though it's smaller, getting around Tucson is not as easy.

During the winter months, the population of popular Arizona towns increases because of 'snowbirds'. Many people live in the desert during the winter months and go north during the summer. Thus they have the best of both worlds. The economy slows down in the summer and picks up again in October when winter visitors flock to Phoenix, Tucson, and other desert communities.

Yuma, Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona,, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Payson, Show Low, Cottonwood, etc are popular smaller cities surrounded by wilderness.

The rest Arizona is basically rural. However you will find many small towns with populations usually under 10,000 people.

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