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by Bill Borden
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Jan 2, 2012
by Bill Borden

Phoenix is a large sprawling city surrounded by other communities. The Greater Phoenix area is very large. It can take a couple of hours to drive from one side to the other. What are the 'best' areas of Phoenix? It all depends on your financial situation and lifestyle. Some people like to live in cheap areas where the cost of living is low. Other people like to live in high end neighborhoods and don't mind paying a premium for doing so.

Parents with children often choose the most expensive areas of town they can afford, so their children can get the best education. People with certain hobbies often will relocate and move to areas of town where they're close to the clubs and organizations they belong to. People often choose to live close to where they work. This cuts down on commute times, gives people more time to spend with their families, and saves money on gas.

The best areas to live in Phoenix are thought to be North East Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. These areas are close to airports, nightlife, resorts, hotels, fine dining, theater, shopping, and other ammenities.

Tempe is a college town and home to ASU. Because of this younger people tend to live here even if the cost of living is a little higher. It's worth it because when you're going to university it's convenient and saves money on travel to and from college. Tempe is the next town south of Scottsdale and Phoenix so it's very close to the airport, night clubs, entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife.

Scottsdale is home to world class night clubs, resorts, golf course, and expensive homes. It is considered to be the best area of Phoenix but things are changing. Some people prefer quieter places to live where there are fewer tourists. You will now find expensive homes and pockets of high end areas in South Mountain, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and other areas of the east valley. The west side has more expensive areas as well even though there is plenty of cheap real estate still available.

Many areas of North Phoenix are very nice places to live as well. Some areas are very close to downtown, nightlife, fine restaurants, and the best of Phoenix. The Biltmore, Paradise Valley, and Camelback Mounntain areas boast million dollar homes near the best Phoenix has to offer.

Areas further north in Carefree, Cave Creek, Anthem, and North Scottsdale are more rural. Houses are farther apart. There are fewer tourists. And it can take a half hour or more to get to downtown Phoenix. The nice thing about living in the more rural areas of Phoenix or the suburbs is that the necesities of life such as basic dining, grocery stores, small shops, and stores are usually not far away. Some people are happy to live farther away from large malls, specialty shops, airports, resorts, etc. for a quieter, more peaceful life.

The further you get from downtown Phoenix and the more rural the areas are, you will find more wild animals right in your back yard. Some people love to see deer, bunny rabbits, rodents, and other creatures native to the desert. Other people are afraid of coyotes who have been known to kill small pets.

The west valley has been traditionally known for cheap deals, hot bargains, cheap but good restaurants, and a lower cost of living. The far east valley is the same as well. Houses tend to be cheaper but nice. As in any large city you'll find good neighborhoods and others nearby that are not. Cheaper places to live in the west valley are Goodyear, Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, El Mirage, etc. Cheaper places to live in the east valley are east Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, etc. As you move away from popular resorts and tourist areas, the cost of living is lower.

If you're looking for golf, many communites are built around golf courses. These homes are more expensive than houses not near the fairway, but you can still buy something nice for cheap if you stay away from the expensive areas of Phoenix.

South Phoenix near downtown and towards the west is thought to be the worst area of town because of gangs, shootings, drugs, crime, etc. Many neighborhoods near commercial property, businesses, warehouses, and cheap office space are run down. In spite of this many people love to live there. If you get along with everyone and mind your own business, most people do ok. Any neighborhood can be a target for break ins. Sometimes you hear about children and people getting accidentally shot because of gun fire. It can happen anywhere but odds of it happening south of downtown and towards the west part of town can be a little higher.

Many people are flocking to the town of Maricopa. It's located south of Phoenix. You will find cheap newer homes in nice areas. The downside is the commute. With the cost of gas these days and our busy lifestyles people are often willing to pay more for a house and live closer to town. Also in a big city competition between businesses is intense. This means a lower cost of living when you buy things. The more populated the area, the better the deals.

My recommendations are this. If money is no object and you love to be near fine dining, resorts, dancing, airports, arts and culture, etc, stick with the best areas of NE Phoenix and Scottsdale. You will find many nice areas throughout the Phoenix area. If you want to save money you can live cheap by avoiding areas built near luxury resorts or on mountains. The farther away you get from Phoenix the cheaper you can live, but you will spend more on gas.

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